Custom Software Services

With unique needs, time objectives, and budgets, Sodesqa can help you design and implement custom software.

Web Apps

Web apps are easily accessed anywhere in the world with a web browser and an internet connection. Regardless of computer - Mac, PC or mobile device platform - iOS, Android, or Windows, supplemental software isn't needed. This allows for minimal installation, easy maintenance and cost savings.

Mobile Apps

As there's more mobile users than desktop users now, the need for mobile apps is enormous which is why personalization is important. When mobile users enable you to learn more about them such as their location, interests, hobbies, privacy preferences and other items, data collected and visualized increases your understanding of how to improve conversation rates, and enhance your branding experience.

Niche Industry Apps

Niche industry apps help businesses focus on a particular sector of a broader market, specializing on what products and services can be sold. In turn, customer loyalty is built. Sodesqa can help you customize a niche area application to address specific needs.


IT Management Services

Information technology (IT) to connect computers, mobile devices and networks to process, store, retrieve, secure, and exchange all this data.
Sodesqa can address your IT needs.


As needs and objectives of each business differs, Sodesqa can help you define, design, and execute your strategies. From enormous data collection and IoT (Internet of Things) to artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, you can optimally achieve your business goals.


All digital aspects of your business are addressed and monitored like buying or upgrading new hardware and software, managing resource budgets, maintaining servers and networks, monitoring system health, creating user and access accounts and other computer configurations.

Digital Transformation

Upon gathering information about your current business practices, advisory is given on digitization implementation procedures on your files and documents, moving them to Cloud or centralizing them in a repository with access restrictions.


Collect metrics about the operations of your hardware and software to ensure performance level is maintained. Gain detailed views into the operational status of servers, computers, mobile devices, applications, websites, and services as well as their scalability.


Having an IT security solution can protect your business and protect personal information. It helps to prevent malicious threats and any potential security breaches like unauthorized application access, sensitive data loss, or application configuration and performance issues.


Focus more on your business and less on Training headaches. After IT is rolled out, you and your staff are trained on important functions, enabling you to gain a competitive advantage, promote team building, and save time and costs.

Cloud Services

Increasing technology costs from management of on-premise aging computers, legacy systems, and software have fueled a drive to Cloud computing, an on-demand availability of remote computer resources that Sodesqa can facilitate.

Infrastructure Migration

A successful cloud infrastructure migration is encapsulated by considering existing computers and peripherals, defining upfront processes, planning for network configurations, and implementing in phases with minimal business impact.

Cloud Service Implementation

Critical elements of system and network design, availability, security, and scalability are used as primary factors during design approach of Cloud Service Implementation. Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise communications that you have or in the pipeline can also be coordinated.

Application Scaling

As business demands increase or decrease, your Cloud's services can be vertically, horizontally, or diagonally scaled. Vertical scaling happens when an application reaches the limits of a server's memory, storage, or network resource and is easily solved by addressing the constraint. Horizontal scaling involves the provision of more infrastructure and connecting them together as a single system. Diagonal scaling is a combination of vertical and horizontal scaling that enables better estimates and growth plans.


Data storage on the Cloud is secure and easily retrieved on demand. With level access controls and user permissions, data is ideally encrypted during storage and transmission. As part of Cloud Infrastructure Analysis and Migration, a data backup and recovery plan is made to help further protect your data when capacity constraints arise.

Data Storage

Store data and access it using the Internet. From audio and video to documents, data storage can be scaled infinitely allowing for increased security, accessibility, data synchronization, disaster recovery, and cost efficiency.

Insights & Analytics

Accumulation of constant data can be extracted through business intelligence and business analytical tools. With Cloud analytics, you can generate and batch process mass data, predict trends, and apply machine learning to gain insights on multi-facets of your business. This helps to make fast, informed decisions and accelerate innovation to maintain a competitive edge.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

With Sodesqa's Consulting Services, utilizing Microsoft 365's suite of collaboration apps and services as a new, additional, or replacement option to desktop installed software can further increase your business productivity.


Microsoft 365 Onboarding helps you quickly get and use apps and services you need. From Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Access to services like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, enable staff, customers, and suppliers stay connected and productive.

SharePoint Customization

SharePoint enables sharing and collaboration of files, news, and data through team sites at the group or department levels. Everyone in your business to customers can access information on SharePoint depending on user access on computers and mobile devices. Further enhance experience with SharePoint customization incorporating libraries, forms and custom apps.

Document Management

Easily manage multiple documents using Document management. They can be organized in categories and further divided into subgroups to allow for faster access to specific documents.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation shows your business workflow – how your business processes work together and gathering the data to allow for automation on repetitive tasks, and integrating connected data sources and on-premise and third-party services. Benefits from Business Process Automation are cost reduction, consistency improvement, efficiency increase and business intelligence.

Power Platform Implementation

Power BI, PowerApps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents are Power Platform tools that can extend your suite of Microsoft 365 tools to achieve more data-driven applications, automation, and business logic. With Power Platform, end-to-end solutions can be built to address your business challenges.

Teams App

Enhance the way staff works with Teams where members have a streamlined communication interface, allowing them to see and work on the same Word document, Excel spreadsheet, OneNote document, or PowerPoint presentation. Threaded conversations, audio and video conference calls, meetings, and other information are in one place. Workspaces can also be customized to include third-party apps.

Security & Compliance

Manage your business infrastructure's security access, configuring which users, devices, and apps can perform specified functions. Since security is based upon role access control, viewing incidents and alerts, and generating reports and secure scores improve overall security.


Promote Microsoft 365 awareness and ensure user readiness through training. With the right skills, key members can collect and share data, collaborate on files, and use business intelligence tools to make better, informed decisions.

Managed Services

Ensure your personalized operation of Microsoft 365 solutions can be sustained. Improved adoption and development costs, down times, performance issues, security, and compliance challenges are addressed by Sodesqa's Managed Services.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) aims to connect people and devices on a smarter level, using a network of physical devices to transfer data eliminating human interaction. Sodesqa can help your IoT project's challenges.

IoT Device Prototyping

After understanding business objectives and identifying gaps in technical capabilities, a framework of parameters needed is built. The prototype includes connecting sensors through devices over a network and Cloud to an end user interface for further data analysis. It's subsequently integrated enterprise wide.

Device Connectivity

Given the plethora of wireless devices, connectivity is important when considering energy consumption, aging and legacy systems, and the need to collect real time data. All these put together help improve business efficiencies which is why we consider range, power consumption, and throughput.


From collecting data on facial recognition to motion detection, IoT applications are endless. All this data collection needs to be analyzed to identify issues, realize benefits, and predict future trends, allowing for better business decisions. Using smart visualization tools, data streams provided by connected devices are transformed into helpful insights.

Asset Tracking & Reporting

Knowing what you have is vital to business operations. That's why keeping track of assets you have from physical ones like equipment and IT devices to the number of people using specific devices help you understand asset usage, maintenance schedules, and replacements. Simply put, asset tracking and report generation enable constant visibility of people, equipment, and cargo to make smarter decisions and maximize asset utilization, thus saving time and money.


Stay on top of things when evaluations need to be carried out. With alerts, notifications are quickly dispatched for human interaction to respond. They can be in the form of beeps, repetitive emails, texts, or calls and dismissed appropriately. Taking it further, alerts can be visualized on reports for further analysis.

Smart Interactions

With a vast network of devices sharing data over different Internet protocols, a lot communication occurs between devices, online servers, and humans. In these interactions, users can manually adjust physical conditions, plan for future events, change recurring scheduling, or even have devices themselves make adjustments.


Our principle of "Simplicity done easy" is forefront when addressing business connectivity, agility, consistency, flexibility and security concerns. Whether you're in education or manufacturing, we can develop applications specifically for you.

Our experience spans over industries in Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Healthcare, and Professional Services.

You + Us


What are current issues and needs? What are you trying to achieve?


We evaluate your current business conditions, identify what areas can be improved.


Our diverse group of project managers and software developers are utilized to start developing customized application tools.


Test Engineers perform rigorous testing of application tools who work alongside you, integrating your user experience input.


Upon completion of software development, application tools are installed on devices you designate and training is provided on how to effectively use them.


As with newly acquired tools, support is readily accessible when you need it.


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16 years in Custom Software Applications, IT Management

Simplicity done easy. Sodesqa's innovative solutions enable productivity, collaboration, workflow visibility, data visualization, and analytics in a seamless, integrative environment. Solutions are reliable and scalable.

Founding principle – simplicity done easy.

Starting in 2006, intranet solutions were introduced to meet demand for communities, schools, and businesses

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Today, growing demand for stronger business digital foundations, custom solutions in niche industries, AI - driven analytics, and IoT integrations remain high. We connect new technologies with cloud options to build solutions that help you reduce complexities, increase agility, and minimize costs to help you find and use insights that really matter.

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